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14 Day Devotional Jump Start

I don't know about you, but I struggle to be consistent with my devotional practice, and my yoga practice. And in my efforts toward a meditation practice. I want to do it, I know its benefits for mind and body, but I still struggle to do it on a regular basis.

For this reason, I've created a 14 day devotional yoga and meditation program to get you started! No muss. No fuss. Just a 10 minute faith-based yoga practice video to do each day. Nothing to read, nothing to track. Just you and God on your mat. That is what pleases Him, and brings health to you.

The stress reduction benefits of yoga have been proven. We know the value of breathing, meditating, and moving at the same time. Since I began my yoga practice, I've been in awe of how poised I was to pray after practicing yoga. While this is a two week program with 14 videos, you can do them again after it's over and you've made it a month long program. I hope you'll give it a chance. I've made 2 days of the program available for free so you can see if you like it before purchasing. I'll see you on the mat!

Click here for the 2 day free trial and feel free to message me with any questions:

Link to register for 14 day devotional:

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