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By Faith; Abraham

In my study of Abraham, I can totally see why he went down in history! He believed some pretty unbelievable things! But, he did not just believe and sit there waiting for it to come to him. No, he sojourned. Sojourning means staying there temporarily. We don’t do that well! “So Abram went” is my favorite line in what we’ve read (Gen 12:4). He packed up his crap, people, and food, and left. One thing I want to mention is that Abram had been raised by idol worshipers. In Joshua 24:2 he recounts the lineage and we read of Abram’s father. So, he would not have been used to a god who got personal. Had a personal interest in his future or where his family was. Not to mention future generations and their interactions with Him. The blog I read as a part of the prep for this mentions that this may have been an influence on his belief and obedience. It was radically different from anything he had experienced yet.

Think of yourself and place yourself there. If you have a personal testimony of interacting with and being intimate with God, isn’t it pretty unbelievable? In the most wonderful way?! When I think of how much he personally loves me and has an interest in me, it is amazing. It does spur me to do some pretty crazy things. Grace should. I heard a message from Tim Keller that says God’s grace is so costly, though you did not pay the cost, that it should be pretty amazing if you’ve encountered it! Are there some pretty crazy things you’ve done because you’ve had a personal encounter with God and He asked you to do something? I have! That is how I came to be a part of Holy Yoga and Revelation Wellness, and the rest is history!

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