By Faith; Creation

Hebrews 11:4 states, “By faith we understand the universe was created by the word of God so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.” One of my favorite quotes, I heard was from Einstein, with regard to how creation came about was, “If God spoke it would certainly be a big bang”. I could not find who originated the quote but I can reconcile science and creationism in this one quote. The word there for “word of God” is Rhema. It is the same word Jesus uses in his wilderness experience when He speaks of eating off more than food, but from Rhema, the words God speaks directly to Him.

Rhema means: What has been uttered by the living voice, sound production by the voice, and having definite meaning, a declaration of one’s mind made in words (Blue Letter Bible). We can look around ourselves and know that everything that we see that is beautiful and brings us joy is an utterance of God’s mind and we love it so much! What are your favorite things that bring you joy? For me? Looking at a lake, trees, and mountains. Hanging out with dogs. Being with and spending time with my family. All of those things are God’s idea and revelation of His character through creation. Think about what these things say about God? How He feels about us? What character does seeing His nature revealed through nature, animals, humans, etc. say about who He is?

The second part of that verse says, “So that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.” We see creation, we know it is real, and it requires great faith. Do you ever worry that the sun will not come up each day? Do you make provision for that like the what-if scenarios you play out about other issues in your life? Do you what-if your way through that? No! You take for granted that the sun will come up each day. You plan for it (which is hoping that it will happen even though you don’t see it) and the evidence is all the things you think you’ll do every day.

Can we have that kind of faith in our circumstances? Well, let's talk about it. Join my Bible study subscription service and study these with us! Hit the subscriptions tab to learn more. Or hit the chat feature on the site and you and I can chat about it.

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