By Faith; Enoch

As we begin to look at Adam and Eve’s family we begin to see their names used in a positive way through Hebrews 11. I don’t know about you, but it has often been painted for me in a negative way. They disobeyed, were exiled from the garden, and then started to begat in their own image. This is ‘original’ sin, it all started with them.

Yet, we see one of the firstborns to Adam and Eve listed first. Then another in their line; Enoch. Family is a funny thing as we do not get to choose them. In one of my friend groups, we call each other chosen family and that makes our connection very special. Yet, we should not deny the family we came from. It is a forming part of who we are, whether we like it or not. In my youth, I struggled greatly with where I came from. Now I know and have watched in my career, God uses our story and history (no matter how ugly it is) to set us free.

Additionally, He uses it to draw us nearer to others. He uses it to set others free once we’ve taken the road. He uses it, he uses it, he uses it. Nothing you are going through right now is a waste. Nothing you are going through right now is escaping God's attention. He's not turned his back and is now shocked that you are struggling. Romans tells us He's working it out for our good. I believe that includes future generations.

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