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By Faith; Healing

In the last blog, we talked about leaning on yourself or projecting your abilities onto God. And guess what? You can’t trust yourself to ‘lean on safely’. Isaiah tells us that His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 40:8). Proverbs tells us to “lean not on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-8). So, if you are projecting your ways onto God, you will be disappointed and will struggle greatly to cultivate the faith needed to sustain the storms of your life. You get revealed in your lack of trust through anxiety, fear, and all of the what-ifs you filter through throughout the day.

Faith requires two things, in particular, two things that if you focus on these character attributes you’ll grow your faith exponentially: courage and trust. Courage to step out of discomfort and fear. To stop, and get off the roller coaster. Next, trust. Therefore studying the attributes of God are so crucial. That is what you are learning to trust. Not the things you project on him. When you study God's faithfulness you study the image of whom you are made and are studying all the things that are in you, should you surrender to the Holy Spirit and let Him work them out of you!

In this way, we begin to heal. We begin to overcome the troubles and trials of this world and live above them. We'll still have them, but they won't have us. We'll see them through spiritual eyes. I would love to study more of this with you. We are studying God's faithfulness now in my weekly Bible studies. Click on the subscriptions tab for more information.

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