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By Faith; Noah

By Faith; Noah

We began our study looking into the people of Hebrews 11 that the author mentions as our example for faith and living a life lived out of faith, and not understanding. We’ve already discussed our folly in trying to live our lives out of a desire to understand, control, manipulate, or fear-based decision-making.

We see with Enoch and Noah, the author offers a little explanation of how their lives pleased God. He is clear, it was by their faith and walking with Him. He says in verse 6, that without faith “it is impossible to please God”. He says that we must understand that God rewards those who seek him. I want to be clear, just look at the words, it does not say that he rewards those who do not sin. I say this not to say it is O.K., just look at Paul’s words in Romans to experience this point. If grace abounds should sin abound all the more, no (Romans 6)! What I am saying, is to get your eyes off of your behavior and circumstances. Get them on being in the right relationship with God. That is the one thing all of these stories have in common.

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