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Invited into God's Story, or Mine?

This week we are continuing our conversation on whether Christians should practice yoga. Much of Christianity today is taught that we are inviting God into our story. We say a personal prayer, we get his presence. We have to connect to him. We do it so he'll bless us. We have to be obedient, and if we are not we experience great shame. Me. Me. Me.

But the greater conversation of Christianity has much more to do with us being invited into God's story. Yes, God comes down and joins us because he loves our humanity. But ultimately it's to draw us back up to his world and his reality, which is spiritual. If that's the case, then everything we live breathe and move from should be spiritual. And that should then feed the physical. The way we bridge this gap is the way he designed the world, universe, your body, and relationships to work. Energy. You can't see it, but you can work with it. 

An unseen force, in the spiritual world, that rules overall. I truly believe this is why his peace surpasses our understanding. Why we struggle to see our own biases towards other people. Why healing sometimes is not obvious and transformation takes some digging. Because you can't see energy! Even though we can't see it, we can affect it. And science has shown the primary way to do that, is to move it. Through meditation, movement, breathwork, therapy, art, nature, the way we eat, new learning, and applying that new learning, etc. Then, right thinking follows.

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