Our Role as Faithful...

This week we need to have a very sobering conversation. You struggle to be faithful. I know, I know, this may come as a shock to you, but it’s true. When you express your faith in God, as many of our modern worship songs do, you are expressing your desire and commitment to be faithful but that can (and will) wax and wane as you walk with him. The great news? He knows that! You are shocked by your lack of faith, He is not. Here is the truth, you want to be faithful to God. But if we are honest (that is the only way you’ll grow) you don’t always want his will. This can be a great relief if you choose to be honest with yourself on those two things: you lack faithfulness, and you struggle to want His will.

If you can accept those two things you can let yourself off the hook for being this “perfect” person you will never be able to attain. You can stop holding yourself to standards that you clearly are unable to attain. Go ahead, make another New Year’s resolution where you try hard to change yourself and are left feeling defeated and weak.

Another complication is there is not much within your control. You assert your desire to be faithful when you speak of your faithfulness, not action. But then *it* hits the fan and much of that ability to be faithful leaves your control. You cannot control others around you, their reactions, choices, behaviors, or anything else.

Join us for Bible study as we look at ways to focus on His faithfulness and not our ability to be faithful. See you soon!

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