Through Movement, Education, and Community We Grow

Live Free Trainings is all about living your untethered life. Tethered only to Christ and the fullness of life He has for you. As a massage therapist, fitness instructor and yoga teacher trainer with 20 years of experience in teaching anatomy and physiology, I love to understand our physical connection to our spirituality.


I began my career teaching bodywork in a massage college in Arizona. At this college, I had the honor of working in a cadaver lab as a teaching assistant. This experience unlocked a love of understanding emotional and spiritual energy and its effects on our body. As my studies continued I added yoga to my training and began leading a teacher training program while I went to school to become a pastor. I went on to lead and write many of the teacher training programs and disciple those who went through it. All the while facilitating and leading retreats were a part of that experience. Finally, adding group fitness to my resume put the cherry on top! I am currently a student getting my master's degree in exercise science.

Fitness is also a love of mine as I firmly believe all forms of movement allow us to process the mental and emotional energy that must be "moved" through to allow them to be processed and filed away. So, can I tell you how honored I am by your presence on my site? That you would consider learning from me? I am simply a lover of Christ who has learned to navigate my faith through movement, the Word, community, and worship. Want to do that together?