Let's Uproot Shame Once and For All!

Are you working toward living as whole-hearted as possible? Well, shame is in direct opposition to that goal! What is shame? The dictionary says this, "a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior" (Oxford). What I want to add...sometimes we think through a filter of being wrong...and we are not. Just because you feel wrong, does not mean you are.

If you see the interactions in your life through a filter of shame, and many of us do in varying forms, feedback becomes crushing because it only confirms what your value holds: you are not enough, and others are starting to see it.

Let's work to uproot that, shall we?

Next week, I'm beginning the next 8-week study as part of my subscription service. We are going to look at how shame works its way in, starting when we are very little. How our parents have perpetuated it (often unknowingly), and how the church has also played a role. We'll go in depth in the latter half on how to get rid of it, and live in the freedom we were designed for.

We are going to tackle all the hard things, because it is in tackling the hard things that bring the radical freedom Jesus offers us! All the Bible study videos, like the yoga practices, are on demand so you can watch or practice when it works for you!

If you want to go deeper with this concept, you can subscribe to my wellness plan. It comes with your 6 monthly yoga classes, your 3 monthly Bible study videos, and our 8-week in depth Body and Intelligence and Spirituality Program that specializes in teaching you all the things about spiritual energy and how it works, or is 'worked out', in the body.

I hope to see you in a class or program soon!

Love, Jonnie

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