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Take Up ALL The Space

Next week's newsletter and Chakra talk with be all about our seat of personal power, the solar plexus! Go to the home page and sign up at the bottom if you have not yet. I've been thinking about and working through issues in this area for the last few months as we are taking full control of our lives back! We have sold pretty much all we own, quit our jobs, and are living life on our own terms. We have been strategic about this and orienting our lives toward financial freedom for the last 6 months and it is almost complete. I am officially jobless and homeless (being funny here, don't get concerned) as of today, and I love it!

The solar plexus is our seat of personal power. When we are our most genuine with our selves, we allow ourselves to act out of power, and not victimhood. A victim is powerless. And we often make ourselves the victim in a narrative because being genuine, honest with ourselves and others, and taking responsibility is certainly the road less traveled. But it is also the road to freedom and power.

Think about the implications of the power of taking up your full place, space, ability, and potential! It will heal you, heal others around you, and allow you to live to your fullest potential. And, it starts with you being in the driver's seat of your life, not seeing yourself as a victim of anyone, but the one who holds the power to co-create with God. This can be very tricky if you've experienced trauma and were actually a victim of someone in your life, we'll cover that too.

We always told our kids, "freedom is married to responsibility, you cannot separate the two. If you want freedom, you must take responsibility. If you take responsibility, you'll get freedom. It's a natural law." Let's explore this together as we move on to the solar plexus and it's ascending energy, the heart. See you soon!

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