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What Are Chakras?

If you've been reading my newsletter or blog you know we've been talking about whether yoga, and it's teachings, are compatible with a Christian walk. By this time you know my answer is yes! So let's tackle another tricky we need to change the philosophy, water it down, or not use the language because we are Christian? You'll not be surprised to hear me, we don't! I would like to assert that a lot of what we have been taught about yoga as Christians has been wrong and has led with a foot of fear. So, not only do we not need to, it is theft (stick with me here).

To change all the names, yet do it the exact way yoga describes is to do yoga. So, you are doing yoga. Do we not believe we are free and able to practice this as the beautiful culture lays it out? Sanskrit is merely a language. The picture you see there is a the symbol of the Throat Chakra, it represents our voice, words spoke, listening to others, etc. The Chakras are an attempt to explain how spiritual energy works in the body. There is an associated word, sound, color, idea, spiritual truth, emotion and other things that apply for the health of that wheel of energy and how it distributes that energy throughout your body. It is merely a teaching of how to experience healthy energy in your body.

In yoga philosophy devotion to 'the divine' is taught throughout. So, who you worship as divine can come alongside the practical tools as you set the intention of what your affections are focused on. We know this is important to Jesus as he often shut down those who were "white washed tombs" because their hearts were not in the right place (Matthew 23). They were beautiful and doing all the 'religious' things, but God looks at the intention of the heart. Just read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5). He had to correct the most elite learned teachers of the time!

We are going to begin a journey now of learning the seven major Chakras throughout the next few weeks. If you want to learn more or take a deep dive into these concepts, take the Body Intelligence and Spirituality Program (on the self studies page). Otherwise, start by subscribing to my newsletter to get more info (go to the home page, fill out the contact me form and opt in).

Happy to take this journey with you!

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