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Trainings for Your Body, Heart, and Soul

I believe that truth sets you free. I believe this with my whole heart. Even hard truth. I think this is a natural law put into motion. If I’m believing lies about myself, my body will respond accordingly. My relationships will suffer. I will act out of those lies and not the truth of who I am. 
I think much pain in our bodies and minds comes from not accepting what is. Where you are right now. Because it is right there we are unconditionally loved and  If you love yourself, in the mess, you’ll learn how to love others in their mess too.
That what my trainings are all about. I love to weave knowledge of how the body works with how love is worked out in that very body!

Pain is a distraction and through preventative training education, your movement can be pain free! With 22 years experience as a trauma sensitive injury massage therapist, yoga teacher trainer, and anatomy professor teaching pain free movement, we can help you live free from aches and pains!

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"Great class today. I appreciate your open and honest energy, your capacity to embrace and to clarify, and your ability to field questions with wisdom in relation to building bridges between historic and cultural belief packages." -Sue H.

"I decided to become a yoga instructor for my 60th birthday, 6 years ago next month. And I was so incredibly blessed to have Jonnie as my instructor! Every sentence she speaks seems to make an impact that tend to help you remember the facts you need to retain. She's a wealth of knowledge yet teaches so humbly. I am so grateful for her."  Teresa R.

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