By Faith; Becoming God's Words

As we continue with our By Faith blog series we are going to look at God’s faithfulness in all the promises and guides from His Word. We see so much of that in Psalm 119. There are two aspects of His Word. Logos and Rhema. Let’s explore those topics for just

a moment and then I would encourage you to read Psalm 119 directly. We have God’s revealed Word, who is mysteriously Jesus himself. Then we have God’s daily Word He feeds us with. We cannot store it up, and we cannot eat on it for weeks. Sometimes we do, like a really good soup. But, for the most part, we need to get back in the Word frequently. I know Philippians 4 hit me in a crazy anatomy training type way a couple of years ago, even though I had read it many times. But, when I return to that same passage after experiencing a difficult circumstance and seeing God’s faithfulness in it, I am a totally different person when I return to it again. We must let go of what we think we know from ‘familiar’ passages.

In Psalm 119 we see a love letter to God’s Word, faithfulness, and the ups and downs of life from a faithful (as faithful as we are capable of being as vulnerable humans) servant who loves His Word. We are going to take the time to read this passage as we glean so much from viewing God’s Word from one living it out. If I get God's Word in me, then I'll be speaking God's love, and that will bring life to others. Next week we'll look at our expectations for faithfulness. What are they? And are we able to be faithful? The answer may surprise you!

These are tidbits from a Bible study we are currently in called By Faith. If you would like to join us, click on the subscriptions tab and I'll see you in class!

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