By Faith; Creation Part 2

Last week we talked about our faith that the sun will come up each day. You have faith in what you can't see daily! But, in our desire for control and manipulation, we choose on a smaller scale to look at what you can see and then begin to place hope in that. Since I can see it, I know how it works since I can predict and control it… it's safe. It keeps you in your comfort zone, which is an enemy to our personal and professional growth.

What if we could pull back from separating the sacred from the secular? What if we stop looking at creation as separate from us? How can we begin to place ourselves into the daily trust of what happens in creation (without our seeing the origin or how it moves forward) and begin to trust the one who placed all of this into motion? If we can move into a practice of doing that, we’ll begin to believe more and more of what God says. It is that belief that brings God joy, brings health to your soul, heart, and mind (and therefore your body), and brings peace to the relationships with those around you.

What could be a move you could make to find God in nature today? Want to talk more about it? Join my subscription Bible study and get in the Word with us! Click on the subscriptions tab for options.

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