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I'm Glad God Says No!

This is Peach, we call her Peachy. She is my little Trauma Momma. I've experienced trauma, she's experienced trauma...we get each other. She is also a fuzzy trash can. She'll eat anything, beg for anything. Even chocolate., things that are not great for her. So, I have to tell her no. She doesn't get it, and it causes me such pain.

As I was thinking about this today, I was thinking of me and God. I ask for so much that I do not understand, but He has to say no. There are things that I ask for that would lead to bad things for me, or others. I can't see the future, I can't udo the past, I've got to trust His timing. I've got to trust that all of this thing called 'life' is in His hand. It is very clear, it is not in mine!

As I've been studying the life of Moses for our By Faith Bible Study in my subscription service, I've been in awe of God and His timing for the people in the hall of faith's lives (Hebrews 11). This week, as I was preparing, I was struck by the midwives who were ordered to kill these little babies, but they feared God more than Pharaoh (Exodus 1:17). They put their lives on the line in trust of God. I'll admit, I barely inconvenience myself in trust of God. How about you?

I've had to learn to trust God in ways that are so deep lately, and while it is hard and I'm struggling, I have peace. The discomfort is worth it, I can't believe I can say that. Growth is such a funny thing. I'm going to be talking about it in all my classes this month. Trust and faith. The marriage that keeps my life in order and my heart focused on truth. Yoga is such a great tool for getting that truth in your bones!

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