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Our Center of Unification

In our first set of blogs and newsletters on the Chakras we talked about how energy flows up and down our spine. Energy from above is being brought down, and energy from matter and identity is flowing up. The heart is the very center they collide, and one of the functions of the Heart Chakra is integration of this collision. The collision of who we are right now, and who we are becoming.

In our current state we are already, and yet we are becoming as well. As a Christ-follower, I cling to chapter 1 of Ephesians that tells that all I am becoming what is true of me right now, and yet it is still unfolding (through the process of sanctification). That is crazy! How can it be true, and not yet? That place, that exact place, is the place of the heart energy. The beautiful push & pull (one of the definitions of Hatha from yoga) of me becoming the highest version of myself.

Interestingly, this is the teaching of yoga philosophy too! There are so many more similarities than differences if you can let fear go, and get curious. If you are a Christian, and experience fear around the practice, please reach out. I have many resources for your curiosity that honors God. If you have not signed up for my newsletter, head to the home page and sign up. More info on the Heart Chakra will be there for you in your inbox!

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