Taking Yourself Too Seriously...

I want to give you gifts for the holidays! So, enjoy the gentle practice from Christmas Eve from my subscription service. Also, see the picture above and I hope you belly laugh! This was taken when I was first starting Live Free Trainings and I was trying to be all fancy and honestly, something I'm not. I fell into the trap that everything has to be perfect before you can put content out there. I kept finding myself stalling on everything. My friend Sue Bidstrup calls that "procrastiplanning". After some great conversations with my friends, including God, I realize I was being inauthentic. That is why it was not coming easy to create, it was not me. I really don't have any desire to be anything but God has me to be. It takes far too much energy. Not only does it take far too much energy to pour into a false self, you then must keep it up. You have to manipulate it. Maintain it, or you lose it. I don't have the energy for that. I've learned far too much about the original design of who God created me to be to turn my back on her now. There is no turning back, only forward movement. I've poured all I've learned over the years on how to do this into my Body Intelligence and Spirituality Program that starts January 6th. I'm grateful for you and your support. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season!

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