The Courage to Move

I woke up this morning and my husband was watching The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Spoiler alert! If you have not seen it stop reading. Go watch it, then read on. Many know of the comparisons in that movie to the spiritual kingdom we live in as defined by Christianity. This movie series, Lord of the Rings, so many of them describe the issues humanity deal with in their shadow side. In particular, from my perspective, in this movie the people were dealing with coming into their own and accomplishing rising up into their role in the battle for Narnia. Part of the movie shows “a dark power” tempting them in their own unique temptations. These temptations come with their consequences. The darkness shows up as any form it needs to to tempt that person’s deepest desire. For Lucy it was beauty, for Edmund it was power. For Eustice, the focus of this blog, it was self serving greed. He steals from a treasure and experiences the immediate consequence of becoming a dragon.

Though Eustice was very smart as well. Even in his dark side he had specific gifts and abilities that allowed him to navigate this change in form. As they began to trust that it was him he traveled alongside the ship. In the form of a dragon he was exactly what they needed in every way to complete their mission. With the deck hand’s exhausted, he was able to pull the ship. When they came upon a monster they were not strong enough to fight, his fire breathing strength fought it off so they could reach Aslan’s table. As he rose up into his fullness through his suffering he encounters Aslan. Aslan removes his itchy scales and he returns to his original design. In this new humble stronger version of himself he places the sixth sword on the table and makes the way for victory. But, he could not have done it without the struggle. The struggle gave him courage, strength, grace and helped him to rise up to his fullest calling as hero.

I’ve been learning more about the enneagram and the power in knowing your shadow side, your great God given gifts, how you process the world, etc. I’m excited to be in the Bible study the HY foundation is doing. Navigating struggle well is what this experience in our world is all about. You are never going to eliminate struggle. It is a part of the experience here. You just learn to navigate it well, rise up to your original design and take your role in pushing back darkness. I have a unique eye to see where holiness affects something.

I have been struggling to write as I said I’ve been called to do. Who wants to hear from me? No one cares. Who do I think I am that people would want to hear my thoughts? What I am learning is that in my uniqueness I see Jesus just a little differently than you do. You see Him differently than I do. I need you to show your picture of Him to me and you need me to show you mine. I’m sorry that Christianity has poo-pooed that and said He only looks one way-that is not true. He is much bigger than that. No wonder our kids don’t want to get caught up in old school Christianity, it puts Jesus in a box. As our new generations experience Him, they see He is bigger and want to experience Him, not just hear lectures about Him.

Prince Caspian says in the end, “I can’t imagine my father would be very proud that I gave up what he died for. I spent too long wanting what was taken from me and not what was given. I was given a kingdom, people.” He looks at Aslan and says, “I promise to be a better king”. Aslan responds, “You already are”. It’s true of you too. You already are the better person you want to be in Christ. So rise up! Do the thing He’s calling you to. Teach the yoga classes Holy Yogis! Take the trauma training and use the overcoming to draw others out of the pit! Become the Holy Yoga instructor to take healing to your church. Start that Bible study. Start writing. Rise up. Your power to rise up does not lie in your own strength. It lies in the faithfulness of God to you. That is a power that mysteriously will never run out. Grace is a power that will never run out. So since it is not all up to you, you have power on your side, rise up!

Do you hear any insecurity in this on my end? I really hope you do! Because I’m learning this lesson as I write it to you. It is an illusion that you have to have something figured out and be an expert to begin to teach it. Lies. Just. Show. Up.

Trying to do a chaturanga push up while keeping your spine neutral can be very difficult. This video will help you with tips and tricks to gain strength overtime and accomplish this correctly.

This video is all about strength and standing firm! Prior to adding this Sun C in try 5 Sun A's and 2 Sun B's. Then add this in and cool down. A complete arm workout with core movements.

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