Truth Sets Free

The Power of Noticing

So, here is the deal. Your work on this side of glory is to let the God of the visible and the invisible put you back together and heal you. We live in a broken and hurting world and hurting people hurt people. That pain needs to be felt, or it settles in. Richard Rohr says, “Pain ALWAYS comes’s volcanic. If you don't let it move through you, it will settle in you.” Ephesians 3:15-19 is a prayer for this to be experienced in us by Paul. In the second part of Ephesians 4, Paul has to ask us to behave in certain ways because it will be a mess! Suffice it to say, our goal is to learn how to become permeable like a cell membrane. Remember that from high school biology? We work in that way too. Letting experiences move in and through us so they do not settle in us. All of these experiences in our lives are a form of energy, we are a form of energy. That is being held together by God’s Grace. Literally. This is not a sentiment. Energy cannot be created or destroyed (by us) only transformed. A spark creates a fire, which generates heat. Energy transforming creates. So too, as we feel and experience things, we can harness the transformation of this energy for our good, which will always glorify God.

Although, before transformation can take place we must learn to stand outside ourselves, our experience, become an observer. When we can observe and disengage our emotional investment, we are able to notice the truth. We can let go of attaching our value to the experience. The law of truth is it sets free, even when it is hard to face or accept. John 8:32 tells us, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. So, it is knowable, accessible (Ephesians 1:9-11 MSG). And that knowledge will set you free. Breathwork techniques are the focus of the first session of The Body Intelligence and Spirituality Program starting this Wednesday because they offer the courage, ability, and pause to notice. Notice when we are participating with non-truth. Take an opportunity to get on board with the truth. Enjoy the video below on a breathwork technique focusing on increasing energy. It will help you to understand more of what we'll be covering in the program in the coming weeks.

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