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You Stuck In The Past? Or Future?

As we ascend up the spine to the Third Eye this week in my newsletter series (go to the homepage and sign up at the bottom to get them all), we look at our lens of life. How do we view the world? Time? Ourselves? We've done all the foundational work through other energy centers, now we blend knowing, with learning, and how we see time. The location of this Chakra (between the eyebrows-ish) is the one that convinced me there is something to this philosophy. Behind this area, are two powerful glands that pretty much (ish) run the whole body! The pineal and pituitary gland. We'll talk about that in-depth at the upcoming Chakra Bible Study in July if you choose to join us (sign up on the self-studies page). With this location, and the role of those glands, I believe there are absolutely critical energetic processes that coincide with these areas.

An aspect of this one in particular is time, how do we see the past and the future? Are we able to be fully present now? Many of us think of the past and get stuck in a way. Thinking of our past, people who have hurt us, life not working out like planned, etc. all take up residence in our mind. Also, plans for the future take up residence in our minds. What we hope will happen, and what we think is going to happen. That is a lot of clutter, yes?! If we don't see the past and future rightly, it makes it virtually impossible to be fully present in the moment you are living. And the moment you are living in right now, that is the only moment that is yours.

Science has shown that our brain tends to make decisions on what has happened to us (our past), and what we think will happen to us (based on our past). So, this makes us really rear-view focused. When we are rear-view focused, we are missing the things going on right in front of us! Therefore, we are decision making from misinformation, information about/from the past, not new incoming data.

In the newsletter we'll talk about this concept in more depth. And in July I'm running a 7-week Chakra and Scripture study if you want to join. And yes, I'll send the recording out if you can't make it live. Register on the self-studies page. See you soon!

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