How are You Being Refined Today?

What general posture are we to have when engaging with God and His mysterious ways? Let's be honest, we don't like the mystery. I mean, I don't like the mystery for sure! I want it laid out, plain and simple, safe and secure. Yet, Scripture tells us that His ways are not our ways, so the package is not going to come the way I want it to.

Our general posture is important when interacting with mystery. How we approach the mystery will greatly affect our quality of life. It will also be a form of worship. Jesus tells us He is looking for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. He shows us these two postures by people's reactions to his power in the book of Mark.

In Mark 3 there is a story of a hard heart. A man's hand is healed by Jesus. The Pharisees watch a miracle right in front of their eyes and yet do not see the miracle. By contrast, the disciples watch Jesus command the storm in Mark 4 and are left in awe. They don't understand how He did it, they don't need to. The awe they are left in reminds them, His ways being far beyond their ways.

Isn't that comforting? I don't want a God I can control. I want a God that is far more capable than I. I know how helpless I am, that is why I'm so scared! God's power and ability are so far beyond mine and that brings me great security. If I can embrace the mystery while being in awe of the power then I can handle anything that comes my way. Whatever is coming my way has passed through my very powerful God's hands.

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