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How Does Energy Work Spiritually?

Let's keep chatting about energy. Now that we have discussed it's real, it's a proven science, and it's a catalyst to the natural systems in our bodies functions, let's look at other culture's teaching on how it works spiritually. Why look at other culture's teaching? Because western thinkers don't have many, if any, explanations of how energy works emotionally or spiritually.

On the other hand, yoga philosophy has great theories on how this works. And while all of it may not be considered truth to you, it does help us bring some form to the idea.

The rainbow is a symbol used in many cultures, including Christianity, the light in the rainbow represents diversity of thought (leaving black and white thinking), and hope (the promised connection between heaven and earth). Yoga philosophy uses the rainbow for imagery of light representing contact with source, to manifestation. It represents embodied learning beyond intellect (which we lean on heavily).

Therefore, each color represents an energy center in the body. It is said that there are large and small energy centers in the body called Chakras. Their explanation for natural processes in the body are these energy centers. Each one has name, meaning, color, emotion, spiritual identity representative, and many more concepts. Also, it is said that the shape of your body can affect these centers as well. They are not a religion, not evil, in fact the opposite, they are very helpful in learning how our physical and energetic systems work in sync in the body.

We know this to be true today, think of power poses. Made popular by Grey's Anatomy character Amelia Shepherd prior to an important surgery, she places her hands on her hips, stand up straight with her legs slightly separated, and puffs out her chest (think superman). She does this because research shows the way you hold your body can affect your mind, mood, and emotions.

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