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I love love!

Dedicated to Josh Goodmanson

I think I love the movie 50 first dates so much because I love watching people fall in

love. First kisses, dates where you can feel the butterflies in your stomach for the characters because you recall how you felt when you first fell in love. And if love is done right, you get to feel this everyday with your spouse! That is the intention behind marriage. Because each new day if you are choosing growth, transformation, sanctification, and change, you are a new person. A new creation in Christ-every day. I get to choose to fall in love with the newest version of you every single day.

It is the greatest honor of my life, even above raising children. It is not hard to love your children, God somehow wired that into each parent. Somehow, I don’t have to choose to love my kids every day, it's innate. Here is the thing, the children will move away, start their own families, and move on in their own lives and relationship. But, like the presence of God, you’ll still be right by my side at the end of our lives. And by the end of this life, there will no living without you because we get to this for eternity with God and everyone we’ve ever


You get to choose whether you embrace your newness each day or fall back into yesterday. I think we are biologically wired for yesterday because a massive portion of our brain is hard wired for survival. Our whole central nervous system, and many areas of our mid brain including the amygdala, parts of the limbic region, and many glands that respond to our thoughts. Sometimes changing our thoughts start with our mouths. Sometimes we must declare and proclaim before our biology is fully on board. When I use my voice to ask forgiveness, make amends, walk out death to self, it brings life to me and others.

“From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Proverbs 15:7). I long with my heart to love well, but sometimes my biology gets in the way.

A great tool for living into the fullness of who you are, and your choice to move forward and choose to love every day is yoga. It helps with all the little, very practical, ways we can make little choices everyday that will lead to massive, long-term consequences through faith. I would love to lead you in that practice. You can subscribe to practice with me and watch all the videos on demand in your own time.

You’ll get 6 new classes per month, and a weekly Bible study. Thanks for your support!

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