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I'm Taking This Personal!

If you read the first blog on this Chakra you remember this was a two-parter. Be sure to sign up for my newsletters if you are liking this content as the extended version of this will be released on Monday. Head to the home page, scroll to be the bottom and sign up. This is a two part article because it is very much the phase of life I am in right now.

To remind you, solar plexus is all about exercising your personal power. It's location is literally the most powerful area on your body (think chopping wood). It is where you ribs join together at the top of your belly. When you are anxious and feel powerless, this is where you tend to feel tension (because you feel powerless). You cultivate your identity (root), differentiate emotionally and know your desires (second), and now you get to exercise what you know...

Here is what I know. In the last few years I was not "living my best life". I was weary at seeing what some of the systems within traditional Christianity was doing to those on the fringes (I am one of those as a neurodivergent-mine is acquired through Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I wanted to exit the system to no longer participate but felt powerless to because my family income depended on it. My beliefs have not changed at all, but my participation with Christian culture has. A story for another time.

 My husband and I were also done raising our children and no longer needed the house, the two cars, the stuff to entertain them & create experiences (boat, RV), and we wanted to be debt and stress free, and let them begin to work out their adult life. As with all life changing experiences there was a catalyst in December of 2023 that led to us praying about making some radical decisions and changes. With the Holy Spirit's leading (I have so many stories I could tell you of confirmation of Divine timing and provision!) we started a journey to sell everything, move, change jobs, and live our best life...fully free and liberated. Taking back our power!

As I was doing this, I was growing and cultivating what I had planted in the work I'd done in the previous two energy centers, God helping me. Next week, we'll shift to the Heart Chakra, the space that integrates what going on in the energy centers below and above it. The place that I believe God talked about giving us a "new" heart (Ezekial 36:26). We need a new "processing center", but it's only new to us, it's been His plan all along! Sign up for the newsletter if you want to keep learning.

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