Protect What You Fight For

"When you hit the easy button you lose the character attributes the struggle can bring. Likely, the very thing you prayed for."


I want out of my head so badly!!! That is the first line in my journal from the other day. I am a classic over-thinker. I've got a gold medal level commitment to ruminating on a thought until my mind becomes a prison. I was contemplating how easy it is to just turn that off by numbing out or busying myself. But then I started to think about the consequences of that. I have to keep going back to that thing over and over to get relief. It becomes my god and has total control as I give myself over to it to get another moment of peace. But the hard way, the patient way, the narrow way, that is the way to peace. When I put in the work it takes to take every thought captive to obedience to who God is, and who I am as a result, that changes things! When I put in that hard work, I don't then easily give it away. What we fight tooth and nail for, we protect. I've fought tooth and nail for my peace. These days, I protect it. I try not to engage in conversations I don't want to be in. You know that conversation, where you want out but you don't know how to get out. I don't stay in those anymore. I've put my peace first, not others. Because in that order, others get the best of me. I want to milk all the wisdom out of an experience I can. Because I then approach each new experience with an elevated level of wisdom to not return to the same cul-de-sac issue. I announced recently on social media that I would love to practice with you. I'm starting classes twice a week and my first sermon series followed by yoga will be a three week series on looking to substance for courage, losing the "spiritual weight" too fast (then it's not permanent), and looking to others for emotional fulfillment. I hope you'll consider subscribing and joining me. Or, you can just drop in.

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