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Say What You Need To Say

The Throat Chakra is all about speaking, but equally about listening! Up to now in our newsletter series we've talked about our identity, emotional differentiation, the place of our power, the integration of heaven and earth in our heart. Today we shift to the expression of those things: our voice. Make sure you sign up to get my newsletter (bottom of the home page) so you can read the full article.


It's pretty easy to see the overflow of someone's heart, just listen to their words and their tone. Or, their inability to listen to your words. These are signs of an anxious or angry (grief filled) heart. Conversely, when you see someone who is kind, patient (genuinely), and compassionate with their words, etc. you see someone whose overflow of their heart is fruitful and good towards others. They have done their work!

Scripture tells us our voice will spill what is going on in our hearts. This is the lesson of the Throat Chakra, the space where we speak our lived experience. This is an area that is difficult for Christians as many in the community will make it very clear to you if they don't agree with your lived experience, so we may cope by staying guiet and not speaking from the heart (we speak from our intellect and group "rules" of conduct). As you can imagine, as a female Bible study teacher and yoga practitioner, I've heard my fair share of where Christians think I'm going.

Yet, it's very important to our health (this is a science based fact, not opinion), to be able to be authentic, share our experiences, and learn to grow through counsel and wisdom. How can I do that if I can't be honest about where I am? In the newsletter tomorrow, we'll talk a bit more about that. For now, ask yourself, "am I really being authentic with myself?". You can worry about others later!

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