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Self Care in the Busiest of Seasons

I'm in a crazy busy season! I teach at a college and classes started weeks ago. I also work as a Director at Revelation Wellness and am contributing to a few different programs at once. I lead a yoga teacher training that starts in two weeks. It feels like a lot! I love it. And still, it feels like a lot. So, in this season I have altered some of my self care until I'm finished with this big push, about mid-October. I thought I might share with you as you may benefit as well.

First, I've pushed the time that I'm allowed to have my last cup of coffee up to 9AM from 12PM. Sometimes even the littlest half life of caffeine, coupled with a worried heart (I sometimes struggle with anxiety), can cause us to lose sleep. I've made sleep my highest priority this season, even over working out (if you know me, you know that's huge!).

Second, I try super hard to never miss a workout or yoga class. To be tired, you need to tire yourself. So, part of my sleep hygiene is being true to my "me time" making me tired through challenging my muscles so they'll need to shut me down (sleep) to repair overnight.

Third, I stopped checking my email on the way to somewhere. There is a long hallway in the college and I use to empty my inbox as I walked. I was contributing to fight or flight instead of enjoying the long walk to get my coffee. My responses to people ended up being distracting and short, so it was not serving me in any way. It was an illusion of productivity but it did not prioritize genuine connection, which is my goal. So it had to go!

And last, I used my body to hijack my brain. You know how your thoughts determine your responses in your body? Well, the reverse works too! I used to walk in a hurried pace. That is your body confirming what your brain tends to tell you....rush! Hurry! Get it all done, fast!!! So now? I intentionally walk slower and at a mindful pace. And I have found after a few moments, my fight or flight starts to chill. I think more clearly. I connect with other more deeply (because they don't think I'm in a hurry somewhere and they are inconveniencing me. And when they ask how I am, I don't say, "oh I'm so busy and tired!". I try to be aware of the language that describes my day and life. My body and mind believe my words.

So there you are. I hope this lists help you. They may not be super deep or new information for you. But I've found the combination of them has helped me feel peace and calm during a busy season!

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