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Truthfulness and Yoga

As we continue to learning about the 8-limbed path to a yogic lifestyle we move from Ahimsa (non-violence) to Satya, truthfulness. Remembering that these first observances are focused a bit more on the interactions with the outside world. Although, don't think black and white, only outside, they affect your inner life as well. They are also the things we consider "don'ts" and the next series will be the "do's", the things you want to add in to your life. Though again, they intermingle in execution.


As we look at this idea of truthfulness, we see that this is so much for than not lying. Funny enough, the emphasis is placed with being honest with ourselves first! The first part of this word means 'true essence or nature'. Are you honest with yourself about who you truly are? Or, do you mask, hide things, fear others reactions, etc.? Let me say so to lead out in bravery...I don't! I stretch the truth, hold back, shrink, not say what's on my mind in case people don't like it, etc. It is so tempting to be what we think we need to be. It is such a brave and narrow path to be yourself. This can be particularly difficult if your belonging in a group is around shared beliefs, and those beliefs begin to change.

The journey to your most authentic self starts with you being truly honest with you. You are living in the that good and beautiful body. When you focus on this gently honesty it begins to spill out to others in the way you communicate. When you are operating in your truest self, that is where true confidence comes from. You were created and hardwired in a very certain way, when you live and cultivate that space, you become unstoppable!

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