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What Are We Really Made Of?

I'll spare you all the fluff. Energy. We are all made of energy, we are composed of a huge variety of molecules all vibrating around one another. Everything we do, engage with, eat, and think affect these vibrations. I am beginning a series in my blogs and newsletters about energy, our bodies, Christians being able to do yoga, and energy fields taught in yoga philosophy. Sometimes what we don't understand scares us, and I want to demystify some of this so we can reap the benefits of this practice.

I don't want to just change all the language so it doesn't scare anyone, that is not honoring the roots it came from. So, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter by going to and filling out the "contact me" form so you can all the goodness that will be in my newsletter (I'll be giving away free stuff too). I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have via email.

Physics has proven the way we move our body and the shapes we take matter. It actually changes the "shape" of our vibrations and affects us in different ways. All of our thoughts and emotions can get caught up in our physical tissues. So moving our bodies, meditation, breathwork, art therapy, talk therapy (sometimes just in the form of deep, connected, nonjudgmental friendships), and other somatic practices help to move these emotions and thoughts along so we grow and feel better. Add faith to that, and you have the empowering force behind revelation and growth.

For me, that faith walk is Christianity. I have been teaching yoga with Christ as the center of our devotion for years and have learned tools along the way to honor my faith, and the practice, so I can functionally apply my faith concepts using the tools yoga provides. I would love to teach you all I know. Head to the site and sign up for my newsletter, a training or Bible study, or just head to and do a practice video to experience it for yourself. See you soon!

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