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Why Learn Anatomy for Injury Prevention?

I got a question on social media that is important to answer: "Why should I take an anatomy training if I'm not a fitness professional?" This is an excellent question!

As a mother, wife, human being, and friend, I have found that my massage therapy experience (which led me to teach anatomy and physiology for bodyworkers and fitness/yoga teachers) has been vital for helping me deal with my own personal aches and pains in a way that helps them not become worse, or lead to a worse injury. I know how to guide and modify the movement to allow rehabilitation of an injury, while still being able to be active and workout. In short, I'm personally empowered in how I move! Beyond that, I've been able to help my children, and husband, deal with their own aches and pains. Helping them to understand when to pull back, rest, and when to move. All because I have a general understanding of biomechanics of movement. And I can teach you all I know! I want to be working out into my 90's...and I bet you do too!

The anatomy and physiology program I facilitate is self taught so you can take your time! You can learn a concept, implement it in your body and workouts, based on your needs and how to you move your body. The cost in 199.00 and worth every penny! If you are a fitness or yoga professional, what makes this program different is my bodyworker perspective. Instead of teaching a disconnected anatomy class showing where everything is, I teach you how these areas interact with one another. The connectedness of bodies requires we understand the whole, not just pieces. Additionally, your body is always giving you feedback. Always. Do you know how to listen to it and interpret it's signals? If you are even unsure of your answer, this program will help you.

Click on the Self Studies tab and get started today!

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